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DSC00376We are pleased to have copies of Abergavenny Through Time, by Irena Morgan, in stock now. The town grew up around the Norman Castle, on the site of the Roman fort, meaning it was frequently embroiled in border warfare. Despite this turmoil the town prospered. It became known for its Welsh flannel, as well as milk from local goats to treat consumption, and their hair to make fashionable periwigs!

Abergavenny continued to expand in the nineteenth century with the comng of the railway and the iron and coal industries of Gwent. Today the quaint historic town is the ‘Gateway to Wales’, known for its proximity to the rural beauty of the Black Mountains and the Brecon Beacons National Park.


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DSC00375We have A Beautiful Nuisance now in stock. Meticulously researched by Monty Dart and William Cross, the book describes ‘The Life and Death of the Hon. Gwyneth Ericka Morgan’. Beautiful, wealthy, witty, but unbalanced, Gwyneth could never compromise. Her family was popular only because of it’s wealth and close links with royalty.

Born the daughter of a Welsh coal baron, Gwyneth’s mother was from an old aristocratic Scottish family. She had an unconventional streak, earning a reputation as a bohemian, and was caught up with danger people of whom her family disapproved. She disappeared in a London fog in 1924; her body was pulled from the Thames 5 months later. Where did she go? What happened? This book explains why Gwyneth was airbrushed from history.

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Do pop in for some warm soup , tea or coffee

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Tithe Barn will be open on Saturday at 10am.


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The Tithe Barn Food Hall is closed today, as staff have been unable to make it in. The rest of the Tithe Barn is open today (for a time at least) – and would make a nice visit if you are taking a walk in the snow today, especially if you’ve not visited before.

The rest of the site is open for visitors, and the car park is usable.

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SNOW ,Open?

We hope to open the Tithe Barn later today

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DSC00377We have copies of Wales – A Walk Through Time, by Brian E. Davies, in stock. The book, taking in Flat Holm to Brecon, uses a historical perspective to enrich the journey through a remarkable country. Illustrated with a fascinating collection of old photographs and contemporary images, the route has been chosen to explore the sheer beauty and diversity of Wales.

The first of a 3 part series that will eventually reach Anglesey, this book is especially relevant to South Wales, including Abergavenny, Monmouthshire and the Canal, encountering characters such as Marconi, Captain Scott, Roald Dahl, Tommy Cooper and some of the hero’s of Rorke’s Drift.

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DSC00378We now have copies of the new book The Chocolate Trollf, by Nicola Schramm, in stock.

Beautifully illustrated by Loren Stacey, the book is an enchanting tale of the Trollves of the Black Mountains of Wales featuring the Chocolate Trollf…


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DSC00379We now have copies of Sharing the Light, Pam Evans’ new book, subtitled ‘Walking for World Peace with the Celtic Saints of Gower’, the book guides readers through the Peace Mala Gower Pilmgrimage.

Pam Evans is the founder of the award winning Peace Mala project. She is committed to inter-faith dialogue for peace which she sees as a vital process in the current world climate of fear and misunderstanding.

You can find it on the bookshelves of the Tithe Barn.

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