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As of the 1st March, we warmly welcome Stuart Colbourne as St Mary’s Priory’s new franchisee. Stuart has been head chef with us since September and will now take on the business, running the Food Hall and providing catering for the events and bookings that we host. Stuart has brought a great deal of enthusiasm to the site since he arrived, and has settled in well, and we are really looking forward to working with him, his business partner Rebecca and the rest of the team to continue developing what we offer at St Mary’s Priory.

There will be a formal launch in the spring, and we hope you’ll be able to join us.photoImage


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Needlework in the Barn

On Tuesday mornings a group of ladies gather in the Learning Space to make Tudor Costumes which are then used on School visits. 



Dr David Lewis' outfit

Dr David Lewis’ outfit



FR MARK is seen wearing a Tudor Statue cap made by the ladies. In 1571 a law or statute was passed making it illegal for anyone over 6 years old to go about with out a woollen cap on their head. The Act only lasted 6 years before it was repealed. The act was introduced to help stimulate the wool trade which was a key industry in Tudor England.

The Flat Tudor cap is often called a Statue Cap after these regulations.

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Fair Trade Fortnight

Why not buy your Fair Trade Easter Eggs with us


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TapestryHerefordWyeValleyLife002This month we’re really pleased to see our fantastic Abergavenny Tapestry featured in the Herefordshire & Wye Valley Life magazine, including photograph of Sheila Bevan stood with the Tapestry.

The article describes the ‘labour of love’ as a ‘feat of creative endeavour’. The Tapestry can be seen Monday – Saturday at the Tithe Barn, where you can also see an exhibition about the history of the St Mary’s site and Abergavenny including games and video.

The Barn is also home to the Food Hall, where you can enjoy a top quality meal, snack or just a cup of coffee.

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