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Christian Aid Week

Christian Aid Week 2015 Volunteer Morning
Saturday 25th April, 10am-12pm at St Mary’s Priory Centre.
Whether you’re collecting, leading worship, preaching, running a coffee morning or doing a school assembly for Christian Aid Week, the aim of the morning is to equip and support you in your preparations. The morning will include:
an update on Christian Aid’s work over the past year;
hearing from our youth intern Gwenno Rees about her recent experiences of Christian Aid’s work in Ethiopia;
a reflection on the Christian Aid bible passage with Canon Mark Soady;
looking at the resources available to support you;
and sharing ideas and prayer!

image001Christian Aid Week : May 11th -17th, including Quiz Night & Fish Supper in the Priory Centre on May 15th. (ticket only)


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It was good to host all the Candidates for the Monmouthshire Constituency at a Hustings here on April 8th (the Eve of the close of Nomination as Candidates). Before questions each of them made their pitch.


Stephen Morris  (English Democrats)believes first cuts should fall on foreign aid

Christopher Were (Green Party)

Chris suggested we vote for a small party,even though our electoral system disadvantages them

Gareth Dunn (UKIP)

He thinks moving from EEC(trade agreement)toEUwas unfair.

Jonathan T Clark (Plaid Cymru)

Jonathan claims Austerity was wrong from  the start

David Davies (Conservative)

Conservatives central message:most important is to balance books,not borrow&hopes defence will come up

Ruth Jones (Labour)

Ruth emphasises fairness,which she believes has not characterised recent policies.

Veronica German (Liberal Democrat)

Veronica wants to develop theme of global citizenship and further her passions of women in science, and international development.

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We host the next Welsh Blood Donor Clinic at the Priory Centre on April 22nd.

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