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Do you have the necessary admin and IT skills to act as a confidential Personal Assistant to our Vicar, and Administrator/Receptionist of St Mary’s Priory?

We are looking for a person to work part-time from late June. If you are interested telephone 01873 858787 or email manager@stmarys-priory.org for further information.


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We are Open 10am to 3pm on both Bank Holiday Mondays in May.

Pop in!

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The Abbot’s Garden was established in 2008 when the restored Tithe Barn was officially opened by H.R.H. Prince Charles.

Situated at the North East side of St Mary’s Priory Church it was to be part of the Tithe Barn Schools Learning Service which provides several hands-on workshops based on Tudor life.

The garden is mainly a well resourced and researched herb garden and is divided into areas where herbs were used variously in Tudor life- these being medicinal, culinary and domestic.

The garden would have been tended by the resident Benedictine monks of the Priory Church as well as novice monks learning the benefits of herbal plants.550102_10150612051711333_525431332_9588584_366750780_n

As well as the traditional herb gardens there is a very beautiful Magnificat Garden outside the east end of the church. The plants here are mostly flowers associated with St Mary in blue and white.

Tucked away at the south side through an arch of Rambling Rector roses is an area where there is a raised bed based on the French parterre style. This is a place of tranquility where one can sit in peace and privacy to reflect.11181203_935155483208914_1686938695599397695_n.jpg

There are several other places to sit back in the main garden either under a pergola covered in honeysuckle or around the edges to take in the two beds of roses (which would have been used for the oil they produce)near one of our three traditional Tudor trees- Medlar, Quince and Mulberry or by the soft fruit beds of Raspberry, Blackcurrant and Strawberries. Finally we are trying to establish a wildflower ‘meadow’ so this is an ongoing project.10615637_780444625346668_5778719741017466095_n.jpg

We really need more volunteers. Presently there are six of us, assisted by the Holywell Community (a new Monastic Community based at the Priory) , and we get together every Friday morning mostly doing what we like best- planting, pruning, weeding and mowing and a bit of planning. You do not need to be an expert, it is not hard work but very rewarding and lots of fun1962681_690609884330143_423524095_n.jpg

For more information please contact the Tithe Barn.

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