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We are very excited to announce that Jeremy Thomas , our Artist-in-Residence will move his studio in to the Tithe Barn in November. Jez will take the space vacated by the Tourist Information Centre, following the decision of Monmouthshire County Council to relocate the centre.


Jez at work in his current studio

Jez is currently working on painting thirty scenes from the Gospels, as part of our Proclaiming it afresh initiative.  He has already completed the first eleven.


The Annunciation to the BVM  (c) Jez Thomas

You can read about Jez and his work  here

Welcoming the news the Prior, Canon Mark Soady said

“Over the centuries the Tithe Barn has been used for many things after it ceased to be the store of the tithes collected by my predecessors, but never before has it housed an artists studio. Given it is a heritage centre were better to have an art studio. Jez will bring a special something to an already special building.”

Jez Thomas also commented

“I’m really looking forward to moving to the tithe barn where I’ll be working as an artist in residence. It will be good to be on hand to talk about our project thus far. Mostly I’m looking forward to working more closely to my spiritual home, St Marys.”



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